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On behalf of Pastor and Mrs. Matt Caldwell, you are cordially invited to come visit with us at any of our weekly and special church services.  Olivet Baptist Church is in the heart of the City of Knoxville, Tennessee, at 4701 Pleasant Ridge Road 37912 (press the "Map" button in the menu at left for directions.)  Come and experience the joy of real Southern hospitality and "old-time" church.
You will not see words to songs you don't know flashed up on a wall, or hear a seminar by a man in a tee-shirt.  What you will experience is a wonderful choir singing the old-fashioned songs of the church; great musicians and special music, and real preaching from the Bible that speaks to the heart and challenges the soul.
If you miss church like it used to be, with worship and praise filled with the glory of God (and some shouting too!) come and join us.  See what it's like to enjoy being in church again!